Domain registration .com-1year-

Domain registration .com-1year-


Price: €14.00 / year
Stock: Available


  • Domain Registration - . com
  • Period: -1 year
  • Control Panel: NO
  • Facilitate change NSyes - using tickets
  • Automatic activation: NO
  • Restrictions web host (domain hosting): NO - domain can be hosted anywhere
  • Service activation timeup to 6 hours, after payment is confirmed.
  • Do not include domain hosting (web host)

Activation Instructions:

When you give the command complete:

- * domain (write it in hostname - The domain availability is automatically checked.)

After the paymentif you whish to speed the activation process create a ticket on the site Contact


To urgently activate the domain, contact the representative on Skype : or WhatsApp

* It is possible that the selected domain .ro will not be available if the time elapsed between order and payment is too high and domain is registered by someone else, in which case an alternative solution will be offered


The domain and any other services purchased in the same order are activated only after payment is confirmed.

Terms regarding the domain name

By using our website you agree to Terms regarding domain names.


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