How to order host, how do pay

Web host and VPS-KVM with free DDOS and Firewall Protection,
free SSL certificate, access to Panel and ftp.
Free domain - See conditions
Automatic activation upon payment by BANK CARD.
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Commissioned service activation is done only after confirmation of payment.
Ordering without being followed by payment forfeiture orders.

You can not order FidelityWorks.Ro services if you are not registered on the site. Carefully read the terms and conditions provide services to its users.

Communication access data and other information regarding the services ordered shall be made only by e-mail. You can not control if not completely billing data. Only you have access to them in the "My Account". Do not give your username and password to others.

After confirming your payment and you will receive access to services ordered by e-mail. provides professional services, their activation is automatic, no contact operators than for consulting.

Payments by CARD are made securely through, and for bank transfer the security is provided by the bank used.

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When paying by CARD the activation is automatic. The activation time of the purchased service is usually a few minutes, but it can take longer depending on the ongoing processes.

Exceptions from the automatic activation to the payment by CREDIT CARD are the services that require special settings, this being specified in details on the order page of the respective service (eg VPS-Virtual Private Server).

You already have a host, you are satisfied with the services and want to prolong the period, then enter the site, login enter the "My Account" in "Services Administration", "Checkout "and click on the" Checkout ".

Have you found that "" is the best host companies that we have the lowest price in the price / quality you want another server then give a new order .

At everything is automated.

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The activation of the ordered service is done only after the confirmation of the payment.
Making the order without being followed by the payment, attracts the cancellation of the order.

When paying by bank transfer, you must first give the order to get the data required payment, they are then displayed in the "My Account" "Manage Orders", "view". Our company bank account details are displayed in Contacts, but the amount of cash payment will be calculated only when ordering.
After paying by bank transfer, please send an e-mail or scanned document or photo voucher issued by the bank, which prove payments (payment order). Recommend us on WhatsApp+40744582014 or by phone +40744.582.014. We reserve the right to verify the authenticity of the documents submitted to the bank.

Payment by card

  1. First order / New order (host tutorial in pictures)
  2. Payment by card - Extension host (host tutorial in pictures)

Payment by Bank Wire

  1. First order- New order (host tutorial in pictures)
  2. Payment by Bank Wire - Extending host- New order (host tutorial in pictures) your partner in the virtual world.


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