Hosting without contract without penalty

Web host and VPS-KVM with free DDOS and Firewall Protection,
free SSL certificate, access to Panel and ftp.
Free domain - See conditions
Automatic activation upon payment by BANK CARD.
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Hosting without contract, without penalty, without stress postal mail (no need to wait on mailman to your home), full automation, everything is electronic on site and on your email. provide hosting services (hosting domains, VPS,  domains) without signing a contract, regardless of payment method.
Correspondence is only electronically by e-mail, no need to wait days until the mailman comes. When ordering, are made ​​known the Terms and Conditions of Use, and these are available anytime on the website.
No additional fee, you can see the final price

Payments by CARD are made securely through, and for bank transfer the security is provided by the bank used.

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When paying by CARD the activation is automatic. The activation time of the purchased service is usually a few minutes, but it can take longer depending on the ongoing processes.

Activation is immediate (automatic), after payment confirmation by the CARD payment and  you will receive email with your activation
- How to order host, how do pay
- Order and payment by CARD
- Order and payment by Bank Wire

You are not required to pay monthly, not are charged penalties for nonpayment.The hosting closes automatically if not paying during operation extend services. (Extension of services). The service of Host is suspended but kept for a minimum of 0 up to 7 days, after which it is deleted. During this period may be paid anytime expansion the service, if he is not deleted.
Reduced price is displayed in your shopping cart. has the lowest prices on web hosts and host ranges.
Discover for yourself the discounts and choose the option that will favor the most.

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